Tennis Europe manages and coordinates communication regarding Padel between its 50 member national tennis federations. In response to requests from a number of European nations, Tennis Europe began its involvement with Padel in March 2017 with the creation of the 'Padel Task Force'. Subsequently, following consultations with the International Tennis Federation, the position of Tennis Europe Padel Manager was created for a 2-year period in July 2018. One month later, the first international Padel Nations Cup was organised by the Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association in conjuntion with Tennis Europe. Following this, the Padel Task Force presented a comprehensive Padel strategy to the ITF and Tennis Europe.

Sine then, constant consultations with Tennis Europe member nations have led to a substantial increase in the number of national tennis federations that now also supervise Padel activities; at present 21 Tennis Europe member nations govern both tennis and padel.

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Contact: Maciej Szymonski