About Tennis Europe

Tennis Europe, comprised of 50 European member nations, is the largest regional association of the sport's governing body, the International Tennis Federation. Based in Basel, Switzerland, the organisation takes an active role in all aspects of the European game, executing tasks delegated by the ITF, and also by organizing a number of competitions and events independently from the ITF, such as European Tennis Championships. For further information, download the brochure below:

Tennis Europe Brochure (2019) 

The aims & objectives of Tennis Europe are to perform the functions of a Regional Association as outlined by the ITF. These functions include:

  • To provide a link between its affiliated member nations and the ITF.
  • To execute all functions which the ITF may delegate to the Regional Association.
  • To represent affiliated member nations in their dealings with the ITF if asked and to intervene on their behalf.
  • To uphold the Rules and Regulations of the ITF.
  • To promote and stimulate competition and sportsmanship amongst its affiliated member nations.
  • To establish and sanction calendars of events at all levels within the Region.
  • Circuits extending beyond the Region, to recommend events and calendars to the ITF for inclusion in such international calendars).
  • To administer as required by the ITF any ITF funds, which the Regional Association may receive.
  • To promote, establish and coordinate development and educational programs within the Region.