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1st Padel Nations Cup to be held in August

1st Padel Nations Cup to be held in August

In 2017, Tennis Europe responded to increasing demands from its constituent member nations for greater involvement in Padel Tennis with the creation of the Padel Task Force, which has since overseen research on the sport’s fastest-growing offshoot and delivered several key recommendations.

Their investigations found that while many countries were keen to activate Padel, 12 of Tennis Europe’s members already include Padel to the activities of their national tennis federations, including France, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium. At the Tennis Europe Annual General Meeting in Budapest, and with the endorsement of the International Tennis Federation, the assembly was informed of plans to become more active in this field in order to coordinate pan-European projects, to support the national federations that have requested assistance, and to provide a Padel platform for our member nations.

One of the first proposals of the Padel Task Force to be adopted is the creation of the ‘Padel Nations Cup’, a team event for European countries that are active in Padel Tennis.

1st Padel Nations Cup

The inaugural event will be held in Nijmegen, Netherlands, from August 20th-25th, where it will be hosted by the Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association (KNLTB). An invitational event, all players will be accommodated at the official hotel and will receive hospitality from the organisation.

The event will be played at the TPV Dukenburg club in Nijmegen, with an additional show court due to be placed in one of the busiest squares of the city centre, ensuring the best possible promotion for the tournament and its players.

The format will see all teams play matches on all days. Beginning with a round robin format for groups of three or four teams, the group winners will subsequently be placed together to fight for positions 1-4, while the runners up will battle for positions 5-8, and so on.

Tennis Europe member nations can enrol a team by sending an email to Team nominations can be made later (deadline to be confirmed), and will consist of 2-3 men, plus 2-3 women.

Friday August 25th will additionally see the KNLTB and Tennis Europe organise a one-day conference for all member nations to share information about Padel. The programme will include topics such as ‘Activation of Padel by Tennis Federations’, ‘How to Start Education of Padel Coaches’, ‘Good Practices of Club Activations’, and many more. Attendance is free of charge, and further information will be sent to member nations in due course.

Job Opportunity

Tennis Europe is currently looking for a Padel expert with senior executive management skills to join the organisation in the role of Padel Manager. This exciting part-time position is due to commence on 1st July, and the application deadline is 19th May.  Click here for more information.

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