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Year-end Junior Tour rankings published

Year-end Junior Tour rankings published

The end-of-year rankings have been published, and it comes as no surprise that the participants of last week’s Junior Masters feature prominently in the upper echelons. In total, over 6,000 players from 96 countries earned ranking points at the 408 Tennis Europe Junior Tour events held in the 52 weeks since the conclusion of the 2018 Masters. 

16 & Under Boys

Topping the Boys’ 16 & Under rankings is Peter Privara (SVK). A string of good results and Category One wins at the back end of the season, coupled with a third-place finish at the Junior Masters has left the Slovak, winner of six titles in 2019, perched atop the rankings.

Fast facts:

  • Junior Masters champ Peter Nad (SVK) lands at #4
  • Lithuania has 3 players in the top 10
  • Belgium’s Alexander Blockx is the youngest player in the Top 50, and only one born in 2005

16 & Under Girls

On the back of her win in Reggio Calabria, Ksenia Zaytseva (RUS) has pipped Kateryna Lazarenko (UKR) to the post in the last week to land in top spot. Zaytseva has won a total of 6 singles and 4 doubles titles in 2019.

Fast Facts:

  • Zaytseva has managed to claim the top spot having only played 9 tournaments
  • Russia has 5 players in the top 20
  • Poland’s Malwina Rowinska is the top-ranked 2005-born (14 & Under) player in the list, at #7


14 & Under Boys

Although absent from the Junior Masters, Vojtech Petr (CZE) secured his spot at the summit thanks to his four tournament wins; three Category 1 events including Les Petits As and the gold medal at the European Junior Championships in July.

Fast Facts:

  • Of all the top 10 players, Petr has played the lowest number of tournaments (11)
  • Dino Prizmic (CRO), the Junior Masters champ and European Junior Championships runner-up, has finished just outside the top 10
  • In 2018, Croatian (boys) and Czech (girls) claimed the 14 & Under top spots. In 2019, the #1 girl is Croatian, and the #1 boy is Czech


14 & Under Girls

Croatia’s Petra Marcinko ended the year as strongly as she started it. She was back in form in Reggio Calabria after a slight mid-year lull to win the Junior Masters and seal her place as the year-ending number one player.

Fast Facts:

  • European Junior Championships gold medallist Michaela Laki (GRE) finished the year at #16, with just 6 tournaments played, the fewest by far for any player in the top 20
  • Another top performer, Celine Naef (SUI), managed to close out the year at #4, despite her absence from the Junior Masters
  • Four of the Top 12 players are from Czech Republic

The Tennis Europe Junior Tour rankings were introduced in 1990 and are published on a weekly basis. The season-ending rankings include exclusively points earned at events on the Tennis Europe Junior Tour. Meanwhile, the rollover 52-week Tennis Europe rankings also include points earned at ITF World Tennis Tour junior and professional events.

Follow this link to see the complete year end rankings, as well as the final year end rankings from each edition of the Tennis Europe Junior Tour. 

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