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TournamentAge groupCategoryOrganization

Open des Jeunes Stade Français...

06/07/2018 to 15/07/2018
U14Category 1Paris
France[FRA] France

Dema Cup

07/07/2018 to 13/07/2018
U16Category 2Sofia
Bulgaria[BUL] Bulgaria

Meppel Storks Cup 2018

07/07/2018 to 14/07/2018
U14Category 3Meppel
Netherlands[NED] Netherlands

Pepsi Cup

07/07/2018 to 14/07/2018
U16Category 3Lida
Belarus[BLR] Belarus

San Marino Junior Cup

07/07/2018 to 14/07/2018
U12Category 3San Marino
San Marino[SMR] San Marino

BATD -12 Odrimont

07/07/2018 to 15/07/2018
U12Category 3Brussels
Belgium[BEL] Belgium

Jufa 2018 Europe Junior Tour

07/07/2018 to 15/07/2018
U12, U14Category 2, Category 3Fürstenfeld
Austria[AUT] Austria

Junior International Edinburgh

07/07/2018 to 15/07/2018
U14Category 3Edinburgh
Great Britain[GBR] Great Britain

Odrimont -16

07/07/2018 to 15/07/2018
U16Category 3Ohain (Brussels)
Belgium[BEL] Belgium


07/07/2018 to 15/07/2018
U14Category 3Portorož
Slovenia[SLO] Slovenia
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