Tennis Europe Junior Tour

12&U Tennis Europe Junior Tour Restructure

12&U Tennis Europe Junior Tour Restructure

Tennis Europe is delighted to announce the completion of a detailed review of the 12 & Under Tennis Europe Junior Tour. The organisation is now ready to implement changes to the Tour to ensure that the junior game is ideally structured and operates in the optimal way to provide appropriate opportunities for all current and future players.

Tennis Europe has responded to the need to diversify the opportunities available for players and organisers of 12 & Under events. By establishing different levels of hospitality and offering more matches for our young players through innovative formats, we will improve the geographical distribution of tournaments. More nations will be able to create events, while existing tournaments are able to maintain (or even boost) their stature. In a competitive marketplace with new commercial entities offering international tennis playing opportunities, the dynamism of the Tennis Europe Junior Tour’s 12 & Under age group is key to its success.

Surveys were conducted to canvass the opinions of national associations, tournament organisers, referees, players and parents. At the 2017 Tennis Europe Junior Tour Conference, the 12 & Under Tour was discussed extensively by participants, and a consultative Coaches’ Working Group was also formed. The Tennis Europe Junior Committee has evaluated this data, and thoroughly investigated the major issues facing organisers and competitors. Their findings led to a Tennis Europe Board of Management decision and subsequent announcement of the new structure at the 2018 Tennis Europe Annual General Meeting in Budapest, Hungary.

As a result, from 2019 onwards the 12 & Under Tennis Europe Junior Tour will implement two tournament categories instead of the one that is currently in place. The file below further highlights the current structure as has been in place from 2000-2018 and the changes that will be carried out when the new structure is introduced from 2019 onwards.

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